The first ever release on Captain Oi! and still one of the strongest selling titles.

This was originally released in 1982 and reached No.6 in the then important Independent Charts.

Features the track ‘King Of The Jungle’ from the National Top 75 compilation “Carry On Oi!”.

To this day “A Way Of Life” remains THE Skinhead Oi! Album.

Vocalist Roi Pearce still leads a version of the band to this very day.

Track List:

1 Freedom
2 Skinheads In Stapress
3 Rebels With A Cause
4 King Of The Jungle
5 We Rule O.K.
6 Changing
7 Lionheart
8 Rose Of England
9 Violence In Our Minds
10 Resort Boot Boys
11 Red White And Blue

12 Stormtroopers In Stapress
13 King Of The Jungle
14 Resort Boot Boys
15 Oi! Oi! Skinhead

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